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Should You Tell Your Closest Friend Her Partner Is Cheating? Few Steps To Follow

casual sexFriend’s Partner Is Cheating

If you’re living in Louisville or any other city in the world, and you suspect that your friend’s partner is cheating, then you have a serious dilemma on your hands. Once this knowledge falls upon you, you might find it difficult to think of anything else but the issue at hand. Perhaps you suspected earlier on that this new man looks like the cheating type, but of course, you noticed that your friend likes him a lot, so you kept your opinion to yourself. Good on you for doing so, because we don’t think it’s acceptable for friends to comment in these situations. However, what we do find acceptable is to inform your friend that her partner might be cheating once you have sufficient reason to do so. We have a lot of input on the matter, and it might do you good to see what we have written down here.

Free Hookup Dating Sites Make Cheating Easy

While the advent of online dating websites and cheating guides are certainly a welcome addition to the dating world, it definitely comes with its costs. For example, free hookup dating sites make it very easy for someone in a committed relationship to secure themselves easy one night stands with people outside of the relationship. A man consumed by infidelity can actually chat with prospective women in his area while his girlfriend or wife is in the bathroom. This is actually quite outrageous, as it presents easy, accessible options for cheaters everywhere. Consider the fact that online hookup platforms exist when you reflect over whether or not your best friend’s partner is cheating.

You Caught Your Closest Friend’s Partner Cheating

Your endeavor in this department might lead you to grabbing your best friend’s partner’s phone when he isn’t looking, and browsing through the messages that he has sent to women on online hookup platforms. Before you know it, you might run into an explicitly sexual message that he sent to one of the girl’s on the site, telling them that he had great sex the other night and that they should do it again soon. Aha! Caught red handed. You successfully just confirmed that your best friend’s partner is a cheating, lying bastard. Of course, this is a great burden to carry, because now you have to face the hard matter of deciding whether or not to tell your friend about this, and exactly how to tell her if that’s what you decide to do.

Affairs Are Hard To Handle

The hard fact of this matter is that affairs are not an easy thing to talk about. Your best friend might be completely in love with this new man of hers, and she will definitely not want to hear the fact that he is cheating on her with a woman that he met through online hookup forums. However, as a friend, you have a sacred duty to inform her of this truly tragic fact. The decision will be up to her at that point, but you at least owe it to her to pass on the information.

One Night Stand Is No Excuse

When your friend confronts her partner about his cheating, he might just back himself into a corner and say that it was only a one night stand, and that it didn’t mean anything. This is of course a complete cop-out — a one night stand is absolutely no excuse for cheating. Sure, it might jsut have been one time, and maybe it didn’t mean anything at all, but the fact is that the man sought sexual relations from outside of the relationship, and this is a complete betrayal of trust.

It Might Be A Casual Sex Relationship

Although he might say that all he had was a one night stand with his mistress, the reality is that he may be lying, and he may actual have a casual relationship with another woman. Really, there’s no definite way of knowing this, unless the man comes clean or unless you and your friend fully goes through the data on his phone to determine this. Either way, in our opinion, once a man has been exposed for infidelity, it’s time to call for an end to the relationship, and look to the horizon for the next man to come along the way. Hopefully, he won’t be so much of a cheating bastard. At the end of this experience, you and your friend will share a closer bond, and she’ll know you truly have her back when it comes to cheating men.