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No Strings Attached: Why Online Classified Ad Sites in your Area Are Great

Personals & Classified Ads
Personals & Classified Ads
Online Dating From Classified Ads

Free online classified ads are pretty ideal for meeting people for a no strings attached relationship. Not only are there no signup fees – you literally have to know very little about the person you are looking for sex from. Online dating sites always ask for a monthly fee to help you find a connection. That’s fine in theory, but in practice a lot of people have been left without connections. The only real upside to online dating sites are the fact that they are cam websites, making it easy for people to get to know each other intimately before meeting up. On the other hand, you don’t really need a cam website if you are using an online classified site, because you will meet people so quickly that you won’t need to bother chatting or videoing with them for too long.

Why else are classified ads better than online dating sites if you are looking for sex? Like I just mentioned, classified ads are free. They are also perfect because there are no strings attached. Not only that, but finding people is up to you, and not some online dating website algorithm. Let me explain these three points in a little more detail, because they really do make a difference.

Classified Ads

Classified ad sites are websites like Craigslist that allow anyone to post anything for sale or trade. When it comes to online dating or people looking for sex, there is usually a romance section in which people post what they want and who they are. Literally hundreds of posts are made a day by people looking for casual relationships with no strings attached.

All you have to do is cruise over the posts and see what appeals to you. It’s always best to reply to the images that include faces of the people. You can never be sure with the internet these days, so just play it simple and don’t bother with the one’s that seem too good to be true or are written with poor grammar.

After shuffling through a whole bunch of free online dating classified ad sites, you can bet that about a dozen great ladies will pop up. This can be done at a much faster rate than other online dating sites, which often take two to three weeks to recommend people. With classified ads all you need is a bit of time and an open mind.

No Strings Attached

If you are looking for sex from online dating sites and getting annoyed with how often ladies stick around and try to get serious, then classified ad sites are probably for you. Women you meet on classified ad sites are just looking for sex like you are, so there is very little chance of miscommunication or expectation being built up. I’ve had a couple great experiences where within 5 hours I had made 3 dates with different ladies in the next week. All were found on Craigslist, and there were literally no strings attached for any of them. I did not spend any money on signing up or getting access to these ladies. Nor did I have to wait months and months to get some action. That’s the best part about classified ads for me.

Of course having no strings attached is an amazing perk too. In my case, with these 3 ladies, we each had our fun together, and two of us don’t speak anymore. The third lady is still a casual sexual partner of mine, even though I know very little about what her life is all about. That’s the hidden beauty of classified ads: the secrecy and mystery, even though they are posted to the public.

Looking For Sex

Most online dating sites force you to put a lot information about yourself onto their site. Not only does that make it easy for women to get attached to you – it also takes away all the mystery. With classified ads, you are an anonymous viewer who has found a woman from her very public profile description. It’s a really nice rush to feel when you send an email to a classified advertisement and start to hear back from her – it’s gratifying to know that she has picked you out of so many others.

Taken together, there is nothing as good as classified ads for a no strings attached relationship. Not only are they free, easy to use, and fast if you are you looking for sex, but they also keep your profile anonymous, making it hard for anyone to make the wrong impression of you.

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Interracial One-Night Stands: Don’t Be an Idiot about It

We get it. There are a lot of guys out there that fantasize ladies of different races, and while we’re not exactly supposed to condone it, it still happens. That being said, there’s a way to go about hooking up with a lady outside of your own race and still being classy about it. You don’t have to be the jerk that catcalls her across the room and calls her ‘brown sugar’, or tease the Asian lady about size difference. It doesn’t matter if you’re using No Strings Attached for your dating needs, or if you’re meeting someone in a Vancouver bar right out; there are a lot of ways to have a one-night stand with someone outside of your own race and do it in a way that doesn’t resemble a hate crime.

Even If You Have a Preference, Don’t Make It Into a Thing

beautiful women

All women are beautiful

It’s okay to have preferences. Its right along the lines of preferring blondes over brunettes…assuming you also don’t avoid those certain hair colors that you don’t prefer. In the case of race, that’s racism, and seriously–don’t go there. There are a lot of guys that might have a hang-up about race in general. Some people don’t want to date outside of their own race, and some people don’t want to date within their own race. There are still a lot of countries that have issues with this sort of thing, and while it might not be happening in a city like Vancouver as often as some, you still need to realize that even if you have preferences, you simply can’t make it into an issue, or you’re going to be seen as a racial fetishist–and that’s a huge turn-off. This is where a lot of guys go wrong. If you can take the time to evaluate your preferences and not be a total creep about it, you’ve got this in the bag. There are a lot of women out there that are into interracial hookups with a man that knows what he wants, but doesn’t make a huge deal about it. Keep that in mind, and you’ll be able to get the woman that you actually want without a lot of fuss. She might even actually be into it even more than you are, and that can be an incredible, exciting surprise that the two of you chat about once you actually get into the bedroom and start getting down to business. Maybe it’s a huge part of her fantasy; you just have to not be a creep in order to find that out.

Don’t Throw Around Racial Slurs or Stereotypes

This should be obvious, but it rarely seems to be with a lot of guys. We’ve seen some pretty creepy e-mails thrown out there to women of different races on hookup dating websites (Click here to find out a list of great NSA sites), usually because men seem to enjoy tossing around stereotypes that aren’t true in the slightest. It’s not going to do you any favors or get you into their beds any faster by teasing them about their race, so don’t focus on that; focus on the fact they’re gorgeous women regardless of their skin color or heritage, and you’ll be off to the kind of start that you need. On sites like No Strings Attached, you’re going to see tons of ladies of all kinds of races. Whatever you taste is; you need to always remember the mantra of keep it classy. Again, even if you’ve got a thing for African American ladies or Asian ladies, there’s absolutely no reason to bring that up right off the bat.

Don’t Talk About It…Unless You Know They’re into It

try to have fun

Just try to have fun and keep racism out of it

Seriously–don’t do it. While it might be a huge turn-on for you to have a white woman on your arm if you’re a big black guy, don’t tell her that. Tell her she’s beautiful, tell her she’s all you’ve been looking for and that you’re so into getting in the sack with her…but don’t tell her it’s because she’s white.The less emphasis placed on racial things in the bedroom, the more likely you’re going to be able to hook-up with them in the first place. That’s why so many ethnic women will simply turn their nose up at guys that are flirting with them in an actually extremely racist way. Many guys don’t even realize that they’re doing it, and that’s why you really have to think about what you’re saying before you dive right into a situation that’s going to make you end up with your foot in your mouth.

This Goes For E-mails, Too

messaging her

Don’t talk about her race when messaging her

If you’re writing an e-mail to a woman like on No Strings Attached, you definitely don’t want to talk to her about her color right off the bat. We’ve seen some pretty shocking e-mails from white men to Asian women, talking about how they’re much better than Asian guys, and how they’re a much better fit for them. Don’t do that. Don’t put down the woman’s race just to get in her pants instead. The only thing it’s going to do is annoy her and make her less likely to get in the sack with you. The way you need to approach her is through actually making yourself look like an amazing catch, and believe it or not, you can do that without insulting others. Play up your strengths…that don’t have to do with race. If you want to hook-up with an African American woman, chances are white supremacy isn’t going to make her raring to go. More than anything, she’s going to want a man that treats her with respect, and this goes for any woman that you want to hook-up with.

This Isn’t Rocket Science

how to treat her

Respect and treat her the same as any other woman

So don’t make it into it! Trying to have an interracial hookup isn’t going to be any different than having a hookup with someone in your own race. The more you treat it like a normal, everyday thing, the more likely it is that it’s actually going to happen. It’s something that so many men start to balk at, but you need to realize that a woman is still a woman, and so long as you respect her and actually want to be with her, she’s going to appreciate that and you. She’s going to want to be with you, and that’s the part that counts. It also doesn’t matter if you’re hooking up with her on a website No Strings Attached, or at a bar. We’ve said it before, and we’ve said it again; it all comes down to respect, and watching your mouth. If you think what you’re about to say is racist or stereotyping, then don’t say it. Say something else instead, because we’re sure that a guy like you can come up with something to really charm her instead of putting her off of you for the rest of the evening. At the end of the day, so many guys make interracial dating into a big deal…and it just doesn’t have to be. Sit back and have fun, and you’ll definitely be able to get that hot lady that you’ve been eyeing all night, no matter if she’s black, white, or rainbow.