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Creating The Best Relationships

Great relationships are truly beautiful. When a couple is in harmony, they understand each other’s needs and values and make sure that they are ready to take on the rest of the world on a day to day basis. Unfortunately, getting to this stage in a relationship can take time, energy and a lot of effort. To truly understand your partner is difficult and fraught with the chance of failure. Making the best of your relationship is a little easier though and leads the way towards the perfect relationship.


Figure Out What Your Partner Is Looking For

Often, people mistake the things that they really want, deep down in their minds. Subconsciously, we all know what we want but it can be difficult to verbalise it, let alone explain to someone else who is looking from a different perspective.Over time, you will learn more and more about your partner. For a very long time, I thought I wanted to work in a recording studio. Only after a long talk with a few of my friends and other people close to me did I realise what I really wanted to do. With their help, I realised that in actual fact, I wanted to teach others how to make beautiful art. No matter the art form, my passion lay in sharing my knowledge with others. Figuring out what your partner enjoys and wants to do in their day to day is more difficult than it seems, however. When people are left to their own devices, they don’t necessarily do what is best for them. People spend time watching TV, relentlessly checking Facebook and Twitter or playing lots of video games, to the exclusion of everything else. What’s necessary to figure this out is a lot of communication!

Intimacy & Communication

Intimacy, both emotionally and physically is heavily tied with how effectively people communicate with each other. The more you talk with someone, the closer they become. This is important because over time in most relationships, the intimacy levels can drop as people start assuming they don’t nee to tell each other facts about their life and workday that they might have done earlier in the relationship. There’s a great episode of How I Met Your Mother where Marshall and Lily start to tell each other what they ate for lunch every day again. This sounds silly but it is little special rituals and conversations that bring people together, tighter than before.If you think that something is missing, try to find some time just to talk, have a laugh and a great conversation with your partner, with no other distractions. Turn the TV off and switch your phones to airplane mode. There’s a lot more to the world than fluorescent backlit screen.

sunshine dating

Get outside and in the sun, and you’ll be as happy as this pair

Your Attention Is Worth More Than Gifts

Bad parents and bad partners have a few things in common. One of these is a lack of attention giving. when you don’t give your attention to your partner freely and willingly, it can sour your relationship.Most people try to ‘fix’ things in their relationship by spending lots of money and making huge displays of affection, on the occasions they feel bad for not doing enough in the relationships. Rather than bi-annually making an effort, making a small effort more often, consistently showing your appreciation will make your relationship much better.

Growth And Support In A Relationship

Most people want a lovely, long term relationship with the ones they love.People change every day, along with how they act and feel about things. Whilst the process is very gradual, growth is certain and makes a difference in longer term relationships. Growth is almost always a positive thing for the individual, but it can start to create friction in a relationship. Growth can take shape in many ways but people are afraid of it. When you grow, others try to stop you from doing so, fearing they will seem inadequate and try to sabotage your progress. This is why support in a great relationship is of utmost importance. If your partner is supporting your growth, your relationship will be able to withstand more. The flip side to this coin is if your partner doesn’t want you to grow. Misery loves company and it is very easy to sabotage those close to you.

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Vitamin D is proven to help you smile more!

If you are trying to start a new business, most of your friends will tell you it is a bad idea, there’s no job security, you are just wasting your time… and so on. Your partner’s opinions will also have an effect on how well you do with your growth. Support each other as much as you can and you will make the perfect relationship.

3 Cost-free Ways to Find Out if Your Boyfriend is Cheating

There are many factors to the failure of relationships. Sometimes, it’s lack of communication or misunderstanding. At times, it’s a lack of trust or just plain old incompatibility between two personalities. And well, sometimes, it’s cheating.

If you feel that you’re being cheated on you could hire an investigator, but that’s a bit over the edge. If you want to find out if you’re being cheated on here are 3 simple and cost effective ways to find out:

Make use of Technology

Advances in technology like the internet, social media and the mobile phones have created new avenues for aspiring cheaters to maintain trysts while right under the noses of their partners. The increasing number of options to cheat has also increased the chances of getting caught. So if you’re willing to go the extra mile, you can really find out if your boyfriend has something to hide. Notice if he steps out a lot to answer a phone call or if he’s being overly protective of his cellphone, then something definitely smells fishy.

Now, if you’re really willing to push the limits of privacy, you can login to his Facebook account, assuming that you know his password or if he’s the sort to leave it logged in on a device. This way, you can check it for unwarranted messages. If you’re doing this, be sure not to get caught. Take note that this violates his right to privacy and can be an avenue for more conflict to arise in your relationship…in case he’s really clean.

Cheating on my boyfriend

Observe His Behavior

Is he or she suddenly a green eyed monster? Sudden behavioral changes are a pretty standard symptom of cheating. Is your partner easily jealous now when he wasn’t before? Are you being accused of cheating? If this is the case well, it could be because he is anxious about his own dalliances and is projecting this on you. Also notice if he over explains himself. Some guys will be overly defensive when you ask them the most innocent of questions. Ask him regarding his whereabouts several hours earlier and if you hear an excessively lengthy, detailed explanation then you have something to worry about. So be wary, and take notice of your partner’s behavioral patterns.

Take a Closer Look Into Your Relationship

Are things still healthy between the two of you? One of the main causes of cheating is a lack of communication or a rickety relationship. If you don’t feel that the relationship is working well or if others especially really close friends start to take notice it might be a sign that your partner is cheating. And even if no cheating is occurring, you may well want to assess your relationship anyway. After all, an examined relationship is usually a healthy one. Now you can finally get that heaviness off your chest and just talk about it.

want to take a closer look

Discovering cheating is pretty simple and doesn’t require spending. However, deciding what to do with the relationship afterwards is going to be challenging. So get ready for that, too.