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How To Avoid Fake Women On Dating Sites

Women who look to good to be true

We’ve all seen it before. You are having a look through the search results on your favorite dating service and you see a woman who looks too good to be true that is on the listings. This then leads to you clicking on the woman’s profile and sending them a message. Most of the time you won’t get a reply and this further reinforces the idea that all online dating is a waste of time and you should use your time to do something else.

Obviously, this isn’t true, there are huge amounts of people that have found long lasting love through the internet and the online dating services that we all know about, so don’t give up hope right away. What you really need to do is figure out a way of finding these fake people out before wasting your time on them.

People make fake profiles for all types of reasons and whilst you could guess at why this person in particular does it, you probably should move on.

fake profile photo

Fake profile photo

Most fake profiles are quite obviously fake and the first place to look when you think you might be dealing with a fake profile is at the pictures. Often, you’ll see pictures of people that are far too attractive to be on an online dating site. Now whilst that sounds too harsh, the supermodels of this world don’t often want or need to jump on to a dating site and just don’t use them. Another thing that often points you to the fact that this person isn’t who they say are is the inclusion of just one photo. If someone uploads only one photo, this means one of two things. Either that photo captures their essence perfectly and they don’t think they need another photo or that they are trying to deceive you in to thinking they look differently to how they really do. Just like guys on dating sites often put their height and weights as different values to make themselves seem more attractive, people often take photos which do not reflect a true likeness or are so old that they no longer look like themselves!

I’ve seen hundreds of profiles which have pictures of different people in them. This is another sure fire way of seeing whether the profile is fake.

Any profile that has a particularly attractive girl on and is mostly unfilled out in terms of data and information about the person is also probably a fake one. Have a think about what the kinds of profiles you have seen before and see where a particular fake one is lacking. When you start spotting the first one, you’ll start to see the fake profiles all around. If you look at proper profiles, you’ll see that they are either entirely filled out with interesting or at least semi-interesting information about the person and that they have a wide variety of pictures. Some of them they will be alone, some will be selfies and still others will have a picture of them doing a hobby or doing a hobby that they are interested in.

fake profile information

Profile information

Fake profiles very rarely have any of this information or have information that isn’t congruent with what the rest of the profile is saying or that the pictures show. There are many profiles which say “body type average” or ”athletic” and then the pictures are of someone overweight. It is not just girls that do this either!

Fake profiles are also fairly easy to spot because you may see the same image on a site once or more times. People often steal images to represent themselves from Tumblr, other users on a dating site and some perennial people from the normal Internet. If you think you’ve found a fake profile on a dating site, you can use a service called a ‘reverse image search’ to see if that image has been used anywhere else on the Internet before. These searches will usually show you hundreds of instances of a particular image and this will show that the profile is fake indeed!

When you prove a profile is fake, it is usually prudent to report the profile as fake and most online services allow you to do this with ease. Include any ‘evidence’ you might have found and hopefully their profile will be removed.

Whilst there are a lot of fakes out there, there are also a huge number of single people who would probably love to talk to you… if you could find them of course. Don’t stop searching online, in person or through friends and acquaintances for the perfect person, they are out there somewhere and only time and persistence will find them. It’ll be worth it in the end when you find your perfect partner.